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A story told in parts: Ladakh 2017

This story is getting old. And so far, it is a story told in parts to different listeners in different contexts. The varied contexts in which I find myself quoting parts of this story make me realize that it is probably a story I should write in a complete form, so as to not let the learnings from the story fade away for me. I cannot put a finger to that one moment when I felt for the first time an enormous love for travelling. For me, it is probably an accumulation of conversations and experiences that has made me want to travel more. And given my yearning to move out of my comfort zone, traveling solo had to be tried.
Gradually moving away from the thought of always being at the front foot when it comes to work, I feel like the time between jobs is a blessing. Savings or no savings, having a lack of responsibility of sustaining others, I am glad I chose to travel to Ladakh during that time for my first solo trip. When I asked my family for permission, they had to choose between m…
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Chasing Horizons

They had been swimming for a while Flapping their fins, running and jumping, breathing quite heavily It was the gold that they were looking for Here and there they had seen a glimpse of it One of them even reached out of the water once Trying to grab the gold, to touch it with her fins She thought she had felt something warm on her skin But she realized soon it was the hot summer wind
So these two fishes swam and swam Trying to find the gold they had earlier seen On the way, they fought with sharks And when either one was tired, the other one carried her on her back It was only a while ago that they had actually seen the gold And they had started chasing it immediately Yet it felt like they had been chasing it for ages A glimpse here and shine there But the gold was still far from their reach
After a while, the fishes devised a plan They split from each other and went into different directions They decided that even if one of them found the gold Both of them could look in the same di…

Finding yourself?

Amidst all the cheering and jeering I stand with my back to all those people I can hear them and yet I turn a deaf ear to them Because in this moment, nothing matters It is just me and my thoughts And these thoughts overpower me Like waves overpower a sinking ship There was a ship I once saw It was blue and red and a little green It kept moving ahead with a hole at the bottom The captain kept rowing and rowing And the others kept emptying the ship of the water He was almost in a frenzy to reach the horizon And he did not seem to care about the setting sun In the same sea a little further from the ship I saw two fishes, they were blue and red and a little green They were chasing the yellow light in the sea That bright light lit the sea as if it was on fire They kept swimming and jumping and running With each step ahead they lost the soft beautiful fins And yet they kept swimming towards the horizon Not knowing that the sun was really setting And so I kept thinking and looking at horiz…

I wish I was sixteen again

I wish I was sixteen again
I would still believe in love The sweet nothings whispered to me would still seem true And promises of living together forever could still be kept
I wish I was sixteen again I would still have it all figured out Love wouldn't be so confusing And people not so demanding
I wish I was sixteen again I would still like emotions Little things would still make me happy And giving to others would come naturally
I wish I was sixteen again I would still not know hurt Every new person would be a new friend And sharing my fears would come easy
I wish I was sixteen again I would still know what I want Life would still be about opportunities instead of choices And knowing what I want would be enough for me to have it
I wish I was sixteen again I could still wait for myself to grow up

Far From Home

“I’ll spread my wings and I’ll learn how to fly. I’ll do what it takes, till I touch the sky.”
I am not used to ranting anymore. Words that came quite easily to me earlier don’t anymore. For a long time, I have been trying to write. Something. Anything. This is what I came up with.
Far From Home

When I look inside the navy cloak, I see the scared eyes, Searching for something to hold on to. And the smile waiting to break into a grin. Proclaiming the arrival of a new beginning. I hear the innumerable songs of flight, Of love, friendship and success; Sung with girlfriends during the nights. The hands that were held so tightly, As the feet walked uphill: Bruised by stepping on stones, That perhaps slowed their speed, But never made them retreat. I can feel the warm embraces Through words, thoughts and gestures, That made the journey worthwhile. The reflection in the ocean, That which is scared and ecstatic, Smiles as I remove the cloak away from myself, And step out to embrace the new light,

Hickory Dickory Dock

Hickory Dickory Dock, I think I have a broken clock, The clock it never moves And it shows the same time all the time. So each time I take a look It tells me the time As quarter past nine.
Nothing around me moves, The sun never goes down And the dawn never breaks The king still has his crown And the dinosaurs still eat the snakes. The water doesn't flow, Because my clock tells me so. Each time I take a look It tells me the time As quarter past nine.
But I never have to hurry I have no deadlines to meet And I am never really late To the meetings of the great. I never grow old And I might not even die Or so I am told. Because each time I take a look My clock shows me the time As quarter past nine.
Hickory Dickory Dock It is never really the clock That decides for me Whether I should climb a tree. Even if each time I take a look It tells me the time As quarter past nine.