Friday, April 15, 2016

Chasing Horizons

They had been swimming for a while
Flapping their fins, running and jumping, breathing quite heavily
It was the gold that they were looking for
Here and there they had seen a glimpse of it
One of them even reached out of the water once
Trying to grab the gold, to touch it with her fins
She thought she had felt something warm on her skin
But she realized soon it was the hot summer wind

So these two fishes swam and swam
Trying to find the gold they had earlier seen
On the way, they fought with sharks
And when either one was tired, the other one carried her on her back
It was only a while ago that they had actually seen the gold
And they had started chasing it immediately
Yet it felt like they had been chasing it for ages
A glimpse here and shine there
But the gold was still far from their reach

After a while, the fishes devised a plan
They split from each other and went into different directions
They decided that even if one of them found the gold
Both of them could look in the same direction the next day
So each one swam alone, fatigue growing faster now
They swam and they swam, with no luck so far
They could sense the gold around them
And they could feel that it was coming closer
And yet they couldn’t reach it yet

It was becoming cooler around them soon
Making it easier for them to look now
And then, a flash of golden light into the water touched them both
There it was, the gold that they were looking for
They swam faster, only this close to their destination now
Both in different directions and yet to the same destination

In a while, the dusk set upon the sky
Their gold drowned into the sea
And the two fishes found a resting spot for the night

With the hope that tomorrow again they will find their gold.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Finding yourself?

Amidst all the cheering and jeering
I stand with my back to all those people
I can hear them and yet I turn a deaf ear to them
Because in this moment, nothing matters
It is just me and my thoughts
And these thoughts overpower me
Like waves overpower a sinking ship
There was a ship I once saw
It was blue and red and a little green
It kept moving ahead with a hole at the bottom
The captain kept rowing and rowing
And the others kept emptying the ship of the water
He was almost in a frenzy to reach the horizon
And he did not seem to care about the setting sun
In the same sea a little further from the ship
I saw two fishes, they were blue and red and a little green
They were chasing the yellow light in the sea
That bright light lit the sea as if it was on fire
They kept swimming and jumping and running
With each step ahead they lost the soft beautiful fins
And yet they kept swimming towards the horizon
Not knowing that the sun was really setting
And so I kept thinking and looking at horizon
In my clothes which were blue and red and a little green
I could feel the waves inside me
And I could feel the fins losing
And yet I looked on towards the horizon
Long after the cheering was muffled
And the sun had drowned

And I was still far from the horizon

Friday, September 19, 2014

I wish I was sixteen again

I wish I was sixteen again
I would still believe in love
The sweet nothings whispered to me would still seem true
And promises of living together forever could still be kept

I wish I was sixteen again
I would still have it all figured out
Love wouldn't be so confusing
And people not so demanding

I wish I was sixteen again
I would still like emotions
Little things would still make me happy
And giving to others would come naturally

I wish I was sixteen again
I would still not know hurt
Every new person would be a new friend
And sharing my fears would come easy

I wish I was sixteen again
I would still know what I want
Life would still be about opportunities instead of choices
And knowing what I want would be enough for me to have it

I wish I was sixteen again
I could still wait for myself to grow up